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The group Flinkfinger...


...came into being in the 70s (est. 1975), when you could still hear real folk-music on every corner in Berlin (West). In the beginning they fiddled and picked as a trio in the living room, everything that was going down at the time: Joan Baez, Peter, Paul & Mary, Pete Seeger. They absolutely plundered the records by the New Lost City Ramblers, a group which was dedicated to the revival of the American folklore tradition.

Then the love of playing pushed FLINKFINGER, now with four members, to perform at street festivals and for the pleasure of the tourists on the "KuDamm" in Berlin.

Shortly thereafter a bar owner "discovered" the group. During the many gigs which followed to that time still existing folk clubs they were confronted with Irish music as it was made popular for example by the Dubliners. Since then is FLINKFINGERS' music principally Irish inspired. But ragtimes, polkas or a pop song also turn up in their program in order to prevent monotony. And one is amazed when they present a real Berlin song.


Here is FLINKFINGER in its present formation:


Foto © Gudrun Arndt


On the fiddle and accordion Barbara Steinacker. Quick tunes are her love, like reels and jigs. She’s also singing beautiful songs.
Klaus Suckow holds the group together with his resourceful guitar playing. And he sings! Listen for yourself.
Our youngest Member is Stuart McLean from Canada. He enriches the Flinkfinger-Sound with mandolin, banjo and his unique voice.

In this formation FLINKFINGER can produce a lot of noise and (if the crowd is in the right mood) can make the room cook. You can experience them in bars and pubs in Berlin and the surrounding area. Be it a birthday party, a gallery opening, a company celebration or a folk festival or for any other reason...you can book them.



If you would like to book FLINKFINGER or would simply like more information, turn to:

Internet: www.Flinkfinger2000.de

Email: Flinkfinger2000[at]aol.com

phone: 49-30-49 87 30 82


Recordings on CD:





We’ll see you soon...



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